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26 Feb

WPAnalyst WordPress Plugin Review

WPAnalyst Created By:  Abbas Ravji


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Exactly What Is WPAnalyst?

WpAnalyst is a completely safe and easy to use WP plugin that analyzes entire sites, letting you tweak, track and share your content so that you can rank high and crush the competition in Google!

Also WPAnalyst is fully integrated with:  Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, StumbleUpon, MOZ (a better way to do SEO), and Google+.

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Why Do Top Marketers Choose WPAnalyst?

First of all you get complete website analysis with this plugin, You get push-button social signals and links; you gauge social popularity, You will receive authority metrics galore, and GOOGLE rank tracking!

Analyze, Inspect And RANK any WordPress site – it is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

First Step:  Install the plugin in your WordPress site;

Second Step:  Configure the Settings and let WPAnalyst inspect and track your site.

Third Step: Tweak, share and rank your site to PAGE ONE!

Analyze Every Page And Post:

WPAnalyst is simple to use.  It is a WordPress plugin that inspects and analyzes every page on a site.  It reveals valuable insights about each URL so that you can easily identify issues faced and then rectify them.

You will be able to see in-depth details for every URL such as how many back links each page has, the page and domain authority for each URL, as well as how popular the sites are on social media sites… Plus so much more.

Also you will be able to see actual titles, actual values and actual data. Putting you in a position to quickly tweak your site for even better rankings.

You will get valuable MOZ metrics for each Page and Post  It will tell you how many sites link to your pages.  It will pinpoint and repair broken links.  It will gauge and boost social signals with 1 click.

WpAnalyst tells you Why a Site Ranks so Well.  And with the inbuilt Google Rank Tracker you will be able to track your site for as many keywords as you like and know exactly how well your site is performing in Google each and every day.

Some of WPAnalyst’s Powerful Features:

Consequently WPAnalyst works with multiple Social Media Sites to determine the popularity of each and every page and post on your site and share your posts and pages to Social Media Sites to increase social signals and back links.

WPAnalyst tests each page for broken links so you can find them and then fix them and replace them.

WPAnalyst tracks search engine rankings in Google so you know exactly how your keywords are performing.

More of WPAnalysts Powerful Features:

This plugin works with proxies so you won’t face any blocks with your server or IPs.

Also it Works with DeathbyCAPTCHA and 2wCAPTCHA for all automation of CAPTCHA solving.

And it runs in the background behind the scenes so you won’t know it is running.

While it Tracks URL authority over time so you can see how the authority adds up.

Five Easy Ways To Benefit From The WPAnalyst Plugin:

  1. Analyze, tweak and rank all of your websites.
  2. Stop paying fees to track your website rankings.
  3. Boost your social popularity with a few clicks.
  4. Save Time and make money.
  5. Become an analyst expert.

The Best Reasons To Purchase This Plugin! 

If you were to purchase the following plugins:

  1. A Plugin to crawl your entire site to find broken links etc – would cost $67 and up.
  2. An application to connect to MOZ to get backlink counts and authority for each URL on your site – would cost $67 and up.
  3. A plugin to tell you how popular each URL is on Social Media Sites allowing you to increase social links and signals with one click – would cost $67 and up.
  4. An application that tracks your Google rankings for as many keywords as you like 24/7 and behind the scenes – would $67.
  5. More than $250 in costs for all four of these functions,

With WPANALYST you get all four of these functions: $9 for one site, $17 for three sites and $27 for unlimited sites! SO GET IT TODAY.      

There is also a 30 Day money back guarantee if you are not happy with this plugin – nothing to lose!


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Take a look at our next post here for WPAnalyst – with pictures of bonuses you will receive when you purchase WPAnalyst and My Honest Review Of WPAnalyst!

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