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21 May

SEOPressor Connect Plugin Review

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What Is SEOPressor Connect Plugin?

SEOPressor Connect Plugin gives you maximum SEO accuracy on your WordPress Sites. By the way, you will receive a lot of features that you can customize and optimize.  SEO – made easy for you!

Incidentally, you will get all The Essentials For Great SEO At One Glance!

What Are Some Of The Impressive Things SEOPressor Connect Plugin Has Done?

SEOPressor Connect Plugin has delivered Real Results for people and their websites for more than five years!

More than 23 million WordPress Pages Worldwide have been powered with SEO through this plugin.

It has delivered a competitive edge to its trusted customers since this plugin was created in 2010.

Some of the essentials of SEOPressor Connect Plugin – Five Pillars:

  1. First Pillar:  On-page analysis 
  2. Second Pillar: SEO Intelligence
  3. Third Pillar: Semantic Builder
  4. Fourth Pillar: Crawler Control
  5. Fifth Pillar: Link Management

First Pillar – On-Page Analysis

On Page Analysis - <b>SEOPressor Connect Plugin Review | IM Tools<b>

On-Page Analysis has been formulated based on big data analysis – There are 3 billion rows of data to be exact and thousands of ranking pages to prove the significance of this plugin.  The analysis is one of the most advanced and comprehensive analyses that has ever been made.

SEOPressor Connect Plugin gives you instant feedback and optimization suggestions to improve your On-Page SEO signals. It also keeps you on the safe side by preventing unnatural & over-optimization.

Multiple Keywords Analysis:  SEOPressor will optimize your content for not just one, not just two, but three keywords!  A webpage with a focused theme tends to rank better on search engines.  Strengthen your content’s up-to-date signal for better search ranking by optimizing up to 3 keywords.

Keyword Analysis 300x109 - <b>SEOPressor Connect Plugin Review | IM Tools<b>

Over-Optimization Check:  SEOPressor will make sure you don’t over-optimize your content. Say goodbye to Google Penalty!  SEO is messy and confusing, and most of us don’t even know where to start.  SEOPressor solves this problem by providing you with organized and prioritized suggestions so you will know exactly what to do next.

LSI Keywords Engine:  This is an enhanced, progressive LSI Keywords Engine powered by LSIGraph.  You will be able to untap the power of acceptable keywords today.

Semantic-Q Density Analysis:  This is a built-in well-formed Analytic, which is designed to tell you if your content is correctly related to your keywords.  SEOPressor measures your website’s semantic quality with its built-in semantic analytic called SemantiQ™ Engine. Through calculating and measuring your website’s data, it is able to suggest how to strengthen your signal for precise search engine interpretation.

Second Pillar – SEO Intelligence:

SEO Intelligence - <b>SEOPressor Connect Plugin Review | IM Tools<b>

This pertains to SEO Insights For Better Site wide SEO.  SEOPressor gathers the most essential SEO problems of your website and lets you know about them all in one place. There will be no need to go through ten different analytics just to see what’s wrong.

With SEOPressor, you will receive alerts on what’s hurting your website so you can fix it instantly.  No more guesswork for you!

Site wide SEO Audit

As an illustration you will be able to check your website’s performance all in one place.  You will see how you can fix all the errors revealed by the Site Audit function.

Sitewide SEO Audit 300x193 - <b>SEOPressor Connect Plugin Review | IM Tools<b>

Score Manager:

Maybe you have hundreds of posts?  SEOPressor Score Manager can optimize all of them.  You will be able to see the Score of all your pages and posts in one place.  Then you will be able to Zero in on those that need improvement

SEO Trends:

SEO Trends helps you to keep track of and will inform you if your website is progressively improving.

Third Pillar – Semantic Builder

Semantic Builder - <b>SEOPressor Connect Plugin Review | IM Tools<b>

Codeless Solution For Essential Markup Standards

Semantic web (or the Internet of Things) is the future of the Internet.  SEOPressor incorporated semantic analytic and all the most important markup standards in their plugin to make sure you are ready for it.  With SEOPressor, you can now improve the search relevancy easily without having to mess with a single line of code. Take full control of how the Internet understands your website today.

Schema and Dublin Core

SEOPressor now supports both Dublin Core and Schema markup. It will improve your webpage’s structured data starting today.

SEOPressor Local SEO

You can now setup local SEO for your local business and maximize your exposure for local searches.

Local SEO 300x150 - <b>SEOPressor Connect Plugin Review | IM Tools<b>

Google Knowledge Graph

SEOPressor gets you ready for Google Knowledge Graph.  Getting into Knowledge Graph is now possible!

Google Knowledge Graph - <b>SEOPressor Connect Plugin Review | IM Tools<b>

Homepage Settings

Homepage is arguably the most important page of a website. You can now optimize it the way you optimize your posts!

On-Page META Settings

In addition their improved settings now come with a monitoring function to guide you on writing the best Meta tags.

mETA SETTINGS 300x258 - <b>SEOPressor Connect Plugin Review | IM Tools<b>

Facebook Open Graph

Their newly enhanced Social SEO now gives more Open Graph customizability. Share it the way you like it!

Twitter Card

Together with Facebook Open Graph, they have also expanded Twitter Card to support more customizability.

Fourth Pillar: Crawler Control

Crawler Control - <b>SEOPressor Connect Plugin Review | IM Tools<b>

Customize Crawler for Definitive Indexing.  No matter how good your website is, if it’s not discovered by search engines, it is not worth a penny. That’s why they take crawler control very seriously.  With SEOPressor, you will gain complete guidance over how search engine crawlers navigate your website.  You will be able to steer them the way you like for better indexing control.

XML Sitemap Generator:

In this case this was added by popular demand. Here you will skip that additional plugin and take full SEO control with just SEOPressor.  Learn how to set up an XML site map using SEOPressor.

XML Sitemap Generator - <b>SEOPressor Connect Plugin Review | IM Tools<b>

Robot Rules:

There will be no need to index an internal page?  You can now do that easily with the SEOPressor Robot Rules feature.

Robot Rules 150x300 - <b>SEOPressor Connect Plugin Review | IM Tools<b>

URL redirection:

Snap!  A broken page?  Just redirect the traffic with their newly added URL redirect feature.

Canonical Link:

SEOPressor now comes with the flexibility to set up a canonical or an authoritative link. You will say Hello to a healthy internal link profile.  You will set up the basic on-page settings such as META Settings, Canonical Links, 301 redirects, and the Robot Rules for each unique post in WordPress.

Fifth Pillar – Smart Link Manager

Link Management - <b>SEOPressor Connect Plugin Review | IM Tools<b>

First Monitor And Design Your Optimum Link Profile.  Generally speaking, having an optimized link profile is vital in providing your users with a pleasant browsing experience.  SEOPressor allows you to effortlessly fix, build, and manage the perfect internal link structure to increase your reader’s retention and reduce bounce rates.

Automatic Smart Linking:

Effortlessly link keywords in all of your articles through one setting page. Now, that’s smart!   Automatically build inter-connected web pages with its newly enhanced Automatic Smart Linking feature.

Automatic Smart Linking 300x181 - <b>SEOPressor Connect Plugin Review | IM Tools<b>

Smart Link Manager:

For instance, SEOPressor Link Manager ensures you a perfectly healthy sitewide link profile, no more broken links!   Gain maximum control over your website’s links to keep a healthy link profile.

Site Wide Link Policy:

Take full control of your outbound link’s behavior.  In other words, minimize that link juice leakage!  Also, set up your Sitewide Link Policy and take full control of your outbound links.  In short, manage your team members by granting or limiting their access to SEOPressor.  Learn how to access the technical part of SEOPressor. Check your license activation status and update your SEOPressor plugin version.

Link Manager 300x170 - <b>SEOPressor Connect Plugin Review | IM Tools<b>


Moreover, there have been Five Years of Proven Results

In addition, These Proven Results have been formulated based on 3,000,000,000 rows of data

Also, Google Material Design inspired the creation of  SEOPressor Connect Plugin.

And it powers more than 23,329,358 + pages

Your Top Resources For Learning SEO

Plugin Tutorials

Step by step guide to setting up and maximizing SEOPressor Connect

Online Courses

Free online courses to boost your SEO and Content Marketing skills.

Online Training 300x99 - <b>SEOPressor Connect Plugin Review | IM Tools<b>

Knowledge Vault

High-impact content covering in-depth SEO and Content Marketing knowledge.

You need great content and you need to optimize that content.

What Are you deeply passionate about?  Do you realize your greatest potential that you could be the best in the world at?  Do You Know What drives you?

SEOPressor Role Settings enables you to grant, limit, or revoke a specific user’s access to SEOPressor.


Research and Analysis.

Identifying keyword opportunities.

On-site coding and implementation.

Copywriting and implementation.

Speed and site performance.

Marketing and link building.

Rankings report and tracking.

How does SEOPressor Connect Increase Your Website Traffic?

In short Online marketing boils down to two things – creating great content, and optimizing that content to increase website traffic.

On-page SEO is the first step in doing SEO, before you beef it up even further with off-page factors.

But the problem with on-page SEO factors is one, it’s constantly changing. Ways to increase website traffic never stays the same.

Also implementing them for each facet of your website and contents is a grueling task.

Just keeping track of everything is boring, but people still do it because it’s a necessity.

So how do you check every single on-page SEO factors in your whole website while also keeping up with other important tasks and keeping your sanity?

That is to say, my friend, this is the exact reason why SEOPressor Connect was created!

What SEOPressor does is basically cover every single on-page SEO factor across your site. Not just on the content level, but YOUR WHOLE SITE!

Chiefly SEOPressor is developed to mirror the way Google ranks results as closely as possible.

Moreover, it does this by excessively experimenting how Google actually works in real-time.  It gets as much information out of Google’s publication as well as pry the rest of the stuff they’re not telling you from Google’s own search engine patents.

Here is  a Complete Walk-Through On how to use SEOPressor Connect To Increase Traffic


Traffic Walkthrough 300x266 - <b>SEOPressor Connect Plugin Review | IM Tools<b>

In essence, SEOPressor Connect features the most complete toolkit for on-page SEO you can get in one place.

From the moment you install SEOPressor Connect, to the first time it is set up, down to routine optimization done with each and every new post, the purpose here is to make sure you are not clueless on where to start when you first land on SEOPressor’s main dashboard.

You will learn how to utilize each and every feature and the reason why that particular feature is there in the first place a.k.a the problems you might not know that need solving.  Because honestly, it’s a shame to see this tool not being used to its best potential.


Furthermore here’s everything SEOPressor Connect Plugin will be covering at a glance:

SEOPressor Dashboard 300x202 - <b>SEOPressor Connect Plugin Review | IM Tools<b>

  1. For instance control All Of Your Site’s SEO Under One Place – Take a peek at your SEO command center where you can view your Site-wide SEO status and access all the functions.
  2. Keep Settings From Your Previous SEO Plugins – Migrate your previous plugin SEO settings so that you don’t have to redo everything from scratch.
  3. Analyze Your Website’s Overall SEO Condition – Automatically audit all facets of your website with SEOPressor and get a list of suggested fixes and improvements needed.
  4. Set Up Global SEO Settings For Your Whole Site – Take care of all of the on-page SEO factors affecting your whole site in general. You’ll only need to do this once.
  5. By The Same Token Optimize Your Contents Individually – Going down to content-level SEO where each page targets a more specific set of keywords.
  6. Fix SEO Related Problems Across Your Site – Find and correct SEO issues such as broken links or missing Meta descriptions.
  7. Furthermore Future-Proof Your Site SEO – Make sure your site stays optimized with every page of newly written content and also updates.
  8. Also, there are Miscellaneous Tasks – Other cool things you can do with SEOPressor Connect

Consequently, bear in mind that this walk-through will mostly cover the activities you can do with the features. 

How SEOPressor Helps You Take Your Mind Off On-Page SEO

Moreover, the way we always imagine how SEOPressor works is similar to having an SEO consultant right by your side.  You just need to focus on creating great content and SEOPressor will help optimize them for you.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it?  Well then, let’s get started Here Now!

You Can Check Out The SEOPressor Connect Plugin Cool Tips Here Now!


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