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17 Apr

SEO Software–Keyword Researcher Review


SEO Software-Keyword Researcher

So You Are Looking For The Best SEO Software-Keyword Researcher, a Website Ranking Tool?   Well, Guess What – You Have Found It!   SEO Software-Keyword Researcher – Created By Clever Gizmos.

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SEO Software-Keyword Researcher Software Box

What is Keyword Researcher?

It is a SEO Software-Keyword Researcher Tool For Generating 1000s of Long-Tail Keywords

Use Keyword Researcher to discover high-value keywords from Google AutoComplete, Organize CSV files from the Google Keyword Planner, and write SEO-Optimized Articles for your website.

There are Six Foundational Steps Of SEO:

Seeing what your potential customers or visitors are typing in to Google to search for, and making sure your web page content shows what they have been searching for is one of the most important aspects of SEO.

Try to think of what words a person searching for the content in your article would type into Google – The Internet.  This is so Google BOT can associate your web page with the sort of content that people are searching for when they type in the keywords.  

That is SEO in a nutshell.

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Step No. 1:  Discover and Import Keywords. 

In this step, you can use this keyword research software to discover new keywords about your product or service. You can also import keyword CSV files from the great Google Keyword Planner.

With Keyword Researcher, this step is easy. 

Step No. 2:  Remove the Best “Junk” Keywords. 

Many of the keywords that you download will not be needed for your website of your current project. That’s why, in Keyword Researcher, you can “Black List” keywords.

This means that the keywords that you DO NOT want, are kept in a separate list.  So you never have to delete a keyword more than once.

Step No. 3:  Search For The Good Keywords

After you’ve removed the bad keywords, you will still need to find the good keywords! i.e., the keywords that you want on your website for your current project.

With Keyword Researcher, there is a complete array of searching functions. On the sales page you will notice in the video, how the user is able to use the Keyword Researcher to do this for them.

Step No. 4: Organize the Good Words Into Article Groups

Not all of your keywords will be placed on every page of your website.  Your keywords must be grouped into logical categories.

This is called “laying out an SEO Content Strategy.”

Hence, with Keyword Researcher, you can create Categories, Articles, and Paragraphs. And to sort your keywords, you will simply drag them into these groups. 

Step No. 5: Type the good keywords into your Webpage article content.

Now that you’ve managed to find the best SEO keywords for your project, you need to actually place them in your article content.

When you click the Highlighter Icon in Keyword Researcher, the app will check your content, and show you where the keyword appears.

It will even tell you if your keyword appears in the most important SEO article locations:  the TitleSlug, and Content area.

Step No. 6: Publish Your Content Online

Once your SEO-Optimized content is finally done, you have to somehow get it published to the Internet.

Fortunately, with Keyword Researcher you can export your article to WordPress if you wish.  Meaning, with the push of a button, you can import a complete set of SEO website articles, right into your WordPress database.

SEO Software-Keyword Researcher – An All In One SEO Solution!

Furthermore, this Keyword Research Tool is designed to be an all-in-one SEO Solution.

As a result, this software allows you to manage thousands of keywords, write SEO-Optimized website articles, and organize an entire SEO website.

Turn confusing keyword data into valuable information – all SEO optimized articles and SEO optimized content.

Search Amazon, Google, Or YouTube For Long Tail Keywords!

In addition, you can search with Keyword Researcher for Long Tail Keywords using Amazon, Google or YouTube.

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SEO Software-Keyword Researcher – Google

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Are you ready to take a look at the Sales Page?

If so just click the link here.  

Otherwise if you want to learn a little more about SEO Software-Keyword Researcher –

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