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10 Jan

Instant Traffic Jacker Review – Full Version

Thanks for checking out my website.  You have come to the right place if you are looking for an unbiased honest review of Instant Traffic Jacker.  It was created by none other than six figure internet marketing experts Glynn and Leigh Kosky.

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Instant Traffic Jacker


Creators:               Glynn and Leigh Kosky

Product:                 Instant Traffic Jacker

Launch Date :        2017-01-10

Launch Time :       09:00 am EST

Launching Price :  $8

Niche :                    Website Traffic

Sales Page :          >>Click Here<<

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What is The Instant Traffic Jacker System?

This is basically a 68 page PDF guide that will teach you how you can make money online using FREE traffic.

The product creators themselves will teach you their methods for getting no cost traffic to affiliate offers, CPA offers, etc.

If you are beginning Internet Marketing or if you have been doing it for a while now, this new product – Instant Traffic Jacker will help you get started.  It will help you direct more traffic to your affiliate offers.  Also, one great thing about this program is that it does not require a large amount of investment.

Keep reading and you will understand better how the Instant Traffic Jacker system works.

How Does The Instant Traffic Jacker System works?

The basic traffic method they are going to teach you about is a free system that even Newbies can learn to employ in their marketing efforts.

You will learn to generate at least $100 daily and scale up the system to make even more money daily online.  You will learn to make money online completely on autopilot.  This is a completely state-of-the-art system that you probably have not even heard of before.

The offer you want to promote can be any offer, it may be a ClickBank offer, any CPA offer or your own product.

The Instant Traffic Jacker System will teach you how to find the best offers to promote.  Also it will show you where you can find these offers.  And how to get approved for these offers and learn how to drive very targeted traffic to those offers right away.

Some good points are as follows:

  • You will not need any hosting of your own
  • Neither will you need to purchase any domain names 
  • Not techy – no worries – no technical setup required.
  • Don’t like to market – no selling required

You Are Ready To Purchase Instant Traffic Jacker?  You Can Get It Here NOW!!!

Enjoy Our Video Review!


Are There Any Upsells And If So, What Are They?

Upsell or OTO No. 1:   Instant Traffic Jacker Video Course (cost $37)

This is a comprehensive video course that goes along with the PDF version of the course.

Upsell or OTO No. 2:  The Zero Cost System Setup Guide + Traffic Rolodex (cost $27)

In addition, this is a guide that provides you with all  of the information you will need to set up your Internet business for free.  This upsell includes landing page software, an autoresponder, web hosting, etc.  You will also receive a special Traffic Rolodex which will list the sellers of the traffic that they use on a regular basis.

Upsell or OTO No. 3:  Email Marketing Course + DFY Email Swipes (cost $17)

Furthermore, you will get will receive a full length video course teaching you how to do email marketing the correct way, along with a done for your email swipe package.

Upsell or OTO No. 4:  License Rights (cost $197)

You get will receive the rights to resell the entire Instant Traffic Jacker system, and you will also receive consultation appointments with one of the owners (Glynn or Leigh) for a total of 30 days.

Maybe you don’t think the upsells will be beneficial to you.  But, upsells sometimes help you make money easier and faster online by purchasing them.

Bonuses Offered By Glynn And Leigh Kosky:

Bonus: In conclusion, there will be a webinar that you can register for after you purchase the front-end product and access the Members’ Area.  You will also receive some surprise bonuses from Glynn and Leigh.

My Honest Review of Instant Traffic Jacker By Glynn And Leigh Kosky

If you are a newbie or an Internet Marketer who would like further training on making money online, then this course is perfect for you. Also you should purchase the front end 68 page PDF copy first and see if you think the training will be of benefit to you.  

Then if you decide that it is for you – OTO 1 – the video course would be of help to you as it is always easier to learn while watching over the teachers’ shoulders.

Of course OTO 2 will help you know where to find traffic to send to your affiliate links/offers.  As you already know without traffic one will not make any sales.

Then there is OTO3 which is great for those of you who need help with your email marketing and would like to learn to do this the correct way.

Lastly, OTO 4 is great for those of you who would like to market Instant Traffic Jacker as your own with license rights and also the 30 days of comprehensive training from the creators would get you started down the road to making even more money online.

Remember If this course is not for you, there is always a 30 day guarantee!

Oh yes, don’t miss out on our exclusive bonuses which will add further value to the course.

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